Lancero Portal

Lancero Portal is the perfect tool for anyone that is looking to keep the code minimal. A Lancero Portal operates from your own subdomain. You can claim this domain in your dashboard


How it works

After you have claimed your unique subdomain, you can start gathering emails. All you need to do in your application is redirect users to your Portal and we will take care of the rest.


What happens after a waitlist signup

After a potential user has signed up for the waitlist we show them a button which they can click to go back to your site (the URL you specified during the creation of your project).

What happens after a code claim

We show the user a success page and what happens after depends on your configuration.

  • If you have configured a redirect URL, we will automatically redirect the user to the URL you have specified and append a claim token as a query parameter. This token can be exchanged for the user's data using your secret key. An example of what your redirect url may look like is
  • If you have not configured a redirect URL, we will do nothing and just show the user a success screen.