On this page you can find some key terminology used throughout Lancero.


A lead is the term used for the people you add to your Lancero instance. This term comes from the world of sales where a lead is a person/user that may turn into a paying customer. A lead can be on the waitlist or not, have claimed a code or not. The state of a lead does not change the way we call it.


A code is unique and can be generated on-demand. They are used to give access to your leads. You can generate a code and send it to your lead for them to claim or attach it to them. A code has various parameters you can use to limit access to it.
These parameters include:

  • allowedClaims: The amount of times a code may be claimed
  • validFrom: When a code starts to be valid
  • validUntil: When a code expires


A claim is the combination of a lead and a code. If you wish to use to Lancero to check if a user is allowed on your application, then a claim is what you want to verify.

Claim Token

Everytime someone claims a code on Lancero we generate a unique token which is valid for 60 seconds. This code can be exchanged for the lead and code data using the secret key you find in your project settings